Red Rover, Red Rover…

a-to-z-letters-rDoes anyone remember that asinine game, called Red Rover? It seemed all my gym teachers loved to torture us, I mean, force us, I mean, let us play this game as a special “treat.” Oh sure, some kids that got all excited and couldn’t wait to play. Me, not so much. And to up the fun even more, the teacher couldn’t just let us count off to get the two teams, she had to do the whole “captain” thing. Inevitably I’d be picked last or close to it, which really didn’t bother me all that much, as I was hoping not to be picked at all.

Once the teams assembled, I tried to get on the end of the line. Being the skinny, geeky kid, the other side always ran toward my arms. At first I’d try to hold tight so the opposing runner couldn’t break through my arms, but quickly realized it was better to just let go and avoid getting my arm broken. And in the off-chance, the other team actually chanted, “Red Rover, Red Rover send ‘Shar’ right over,” dread filled me as I ran over and get stopped every time:( I wonder who even made that dumb game up. My daughter tells me they still play this disturbing game at her school too. Luckily she’s a bit more athletic than I am.  Why, I have no idea. It’s not even remotely fun.

Next to math, phys ed was my least favorite subject. Maybe if I’d put more effort into it back then, I’d be better at exercising now, though. I mean I want to look good and be healthy, but when I try to exercise, something always thwarts my attempts. Recently I started a running program (those that know me can stop laughing now). I got this app called the Couch to 5K. You alternate walking and running until you can run 5 kilometers. I downloaded it to my iPhone. It’s really pretty sweet in that it tracks your route, speed and tells you when to walk, when to jog and most importantly when to stop!

The first time I tried it out, the girls wanted to come along. About half way through and a mile from home, my youngest stopped dead right in front of me during a jog segment. I couldn’t stop and ended up tripping over her and landing on top of her. She scraped her leg and I banged up my knee. I ended up carrying her home. Day 2 went without a hitch, but on Day 3 the app crashed in the middle of my workout and I lost all my data. Then today when I tried again my iPhone died. So much for the tracking data. On the upside, I know I did better today and wasn’t quite as winded when I made it home. Maybe I’ll actually run a 5K someday. We’ll see…


Girlfriends & Gadgets

a-to-z-letters-gI know it’s an odd title combination this day of “G” in the A to Z blog challenge, but I feel great gratitude for both my girlfriends and  my gadgets. In fact I would go so far to say as I couldn’t get by most days without either one. In fact they kind of go hand in hand.

My girlfriends make me smile when I want to scream. They feel my pain as at sometime or other they’ve felt it too. With a knowing nod, they give me hugs when I am down. The offer their ears, their hearts and their prayers whenever I need them. They support me and cheer me on. They bring me food when I have surgery, watch my children when I need an extra hand, send me flowers when I am sad and make me laugh instead of cry.

I have girlfriends that I’ve known since Sunday school while others I met in grade school or high school or college.There are those that I met at the various places I’ve worked,  those I worship with or chat with at the corner gas station where I go every morning to get my Diet Coke fix. Included in my circle of girlfriends is my mother, sister, mother-in-law, sisters-in-laws, aunts and cousins. These wonderful women make my journey through life better,  give me confidence, encourage me and inspire me Even if we no longer see each other on a daily basis or a monthly basis or even a yearly basis, I know I can count on any of them should the need arise. Even if we haven’t spoken in years, I know this network of women are there for me and I for them.

What makes my “network” even stronger is my trusty electronic gadgets, and more specifically my iPhone. I’m not ashamed to say that I love my smart phone. This gadget is truly a gift I’d be hard-pressed to live without. The social networks that I access through this hand-held device keep me even more connected with my girlfriends than ever before. It’s hard to remember life before this little gizmo came into it. With a flick of my finger, I can scroll through my news feed and connect with my support circle 24 hours a day/365 days a year. Someone, somewhere is posting a photo of their child or commenting on a funny comic or recommending a book or a song or waiting to chat.

Sure I’d rather see my girlfriends in person to talk and laugh and have fun. But given the crazy schedules, the kids, work and just plain getting from one day to the next, that doesn’t happen as much as I want. Connecting via invisible electrons is the next best thing (and as an Introvert it’s a God send – I don’t even have to leave my bed!)

So, do you love or loathe your gadgets?